Women's Conditions- Menstrual cycle and beyond.

Women's health is directly linked to the cycle.    

Women and girls can suffer from many maladies when it comes to the menstrual cycle.  Headaches, acne, back pain, mood swings and cramping.  Chinese Medicine can bring relief through gentle methods without resorting to medication and hormone therapies.  

The monthly cycle is infuenced by multiple factors - diet, weather, emotional makeup and rest.   The digestive system also influences the cycle according to Chinese Medicine, and many women notice increased disturbances in their digestion around the cycle.   Sleep is often disturbed as well.  

The immune system is lowered before the cycle and often allergy symptoms will worsen, or women will be prone to colds or feeling under the weather right before the cycle begins.  

Herbal medicine and acupuncture greatly benefit women of all ages throughout the cycle.  

A few recommendations for the menstrual cycle:

1.  Avoid cold/raw foods (smoothies, iced drinks, salads) during the menses.  Eat warm foods, soups, stews and steam/stirfry your veggies.  Use spices like ginger and turmeric in your cooking, and drink warm/room temperature beverages.

2.  Do not exercise (gentle walking is ok) during the first three days.

3.  Avoid sexual relations during the menses.  



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