Wellness Delivered: Telemedicine Packages with Herbal Medicine and Expert Consultations!

Chinese Medicine offers a seamless path to well-being with our exclusive telemedicine services. Tailored for your convenience, each package includes herbal medicine delivered to your door and two monthly 30-minute consultations with our expert practitioner, Eti Chall.

Package Highlights:

Herbal Medicine at Your Doorstep:

Receive personalized herbal remedies shipped directly to your home.
Experience the convenience of wellness delivered to you.

Two Monthly 30-Minute Consultations:

Engage in in-depth telemedicine consultations with Eti.
Discuss your progress, address concerns, and receive expert guidance regularly.

Personalized Wellness Plan:

Craft a customized wellness journey with Eti’s expertise in Chinese Medicine.
Benefit from a holistic approach addressing your unique health profile.

Continual Support:

Enjoy ongoing support with two consultations per month for consistent care.
Access to a dedicated expert ensures your wellness goals are met.

No-Hassle Convenience:

Eliminate the need for frequent appointments with bundled consultations.
Herbal medicine delivered means no interruptions in your well-being routine.

Experience the ultimate wellness package with herbal medicine delivered to your door and one or two monthly 30-minute consultations. Elevate your health journey with the expertise of Eti, guiding you towards optimal well-being.

Package Pricing:

2 consults a month and Botanical medicine formula shipped to you –$252 
1 consult a month and Botanical Medicine shipped to you – $180

No Obligation:

Your free 15 minute consultation comes with no strings attached. It's an opportunity for you to explore the possibilities without any commitment.

Work with me to embark on your healing journey.

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Click here to purchase a gift card for a friend or family member.