What Patients Say

Eti is wonderful, she is extremely knowledgeable and deeply intuitive. She has helped me so much! I highly recommend her!!


Thank you Eti, for truly knowing your stuff and being so down-to-earth at the same time. I am always so amazed with your natural remedies.


Eti is deeply knowledgeable and passionate about Traditional Chinese Medicine. I recommend her to friends, family and clients.


Eti is very compassionate and quick to attune to the needs that surface throughout the body. With a caring approach Eti gets quickly to the root of an issue to resolve it and move through it with ease.


Eti has become our family physician, the first person we call when any type of illness strikes. In my time working with her she’s helped me address immunity issues (I used to get colds once a month! Now maybe once a year) and so much more. She’s patient, kind, a good listener, and above all, shes committed to her lineage of Chinese medicine. She’s found what works and I’m glad I’ve found her!


Eti brought me back to life when my system pretty much collapsed a few winters ago. She got me through one of the toughest health challenges of my life in a gentle and affirming way. Her knowledge is deep and her spirit is one of a kind.


She has more than 20 years experience, good needler, and really knows her stuff! She is especially skilled with internal issues like digestion, hormones, etc. Her knowledge and inventory of Chinese Medicine is more complete than most! She deals with all ages from baby to elderly. She has a solution for everything!

Jennifer D.

Yes! I have been reccommending Eti to my friends, family, peers, and acquaintances. I have even brought my mom and sister to Eti. Eti is here for the community. She is very intuitive. She can listen to your pulse and know what’s going on in your body. She believes in Chinese herbs and will curate a special blend for your body’s needs. Please share her knowledge and skill with yourself and with others. Accupuncture and Herbs will provide you with long term wellness.


Eti is a true professional and has successfully helped me to overcome back pain and recover more quickly from sports related injuries over several years. I would recommend Eti to anyone that is looking to improve athletic performance or reduce pain.

Kevin B.

I've seen Eti many times over the years for a variety of reasons. I have been extremely happy with her care and approach to my health.

Daniel M.

Eti helped me after I had extensive dental work and ended up with a painful case of TMJ. Her treatment took away all of the jaw pain I was experiencing. On other occasions she has prescribed Chinese herbs to help me heal from colds and the flu. I don’t tolerate prescription meds, so a natural method suits me well, and Eti has had years of experience and education. She’s got great bedside manner, too.

Deborah M.

Took my son here for digestion issues and trouble sleeping and left with better insight and tinctures to help aid him. So far so good!

E. M.

I can't say enough good about Eti and her practice. I've received preventative and health maintenance treatments from her for years! She treated me during my pregnancy and I felt well and confident in my health all 3 terms. She also treated me during my postpartum, which I highly recommend if you're to be a new parent at any point. Receiving what is called a "Mother-Warming" treatment was wonderful. she also helped me when I got Mastitis, it cleared within 24 hours! I've seen many adults, children and babies alike walk out of Eti's office feeling better than when they entered. I"d highly recommend her to anyone looking for acupuncture of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Alex W.

Eti is an amazing healer. Her herb cabinets are stocked full of potent medicine and she will not stop until you feel well again. I have gone to her for both preventative care and during some serious sickness’ and all her treatments have changed the way I look at food and medicine. I would highly recommend scheduling an appointment if you have any ailments or just want to keep yourself at 100% all year round.


I have been working with Eti for 12 years now. I couldn’t live without her! She has helped me overcome numerous health challenges, is an amazing Practioner for children and a fantastic herbalist. My children almost never go to conventional doctors as we are able to treat them quickly and easily with Eti. I can’t say enough about her wisdom and touch.

Amy S.

I saw Eti throughout my pregnancy and postpartum. Her treatments and herbs were so helpful. She has a nice gentle energy with my children, too.

Abby B.

Eti Domb has been treating my various illnesses and conditions for almost 15 years. She is incredibly professional and knowledgeable. Her wisdom and insight has benefited my health so much! She has cured a couple of illnesses that I had in the past that Western medicine did not have an answer to. I feel very fortunate to have Eti in my corner when it comes to my health. I don’t know what I would do without her. I am a very natural person, and do not like to rely on pharmaceutical drugs to treat my conditions. So to have someone who is a master at what she does helping me on a regular basis has been so very valuable to me. I highly recommend Eti Domb. You will not regret going to her. And you will surely love her!

Spring D.

Eti is very experienced in Chinese medicine...I've been seeing her for 15 years. I had serious back problems for over a year and I was cured after several sessions with her....amazing talent! The Chinese herbs in addition to accupunture treatment are very effective. I highly recommend her if you are seeking relief!


I've been seeing Eti regularly for several years. She has saved me from much pain and anguish. She is a highly qualified Chinese medicine and acupuncture practitioner. After many attempts with Western medicine failed, she was the one that was finally able to treat and relieve my sciatica. Symptoms gone in less than a month. Since then, she has become my go to person for continuing good health.


Eti is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in her field. She helped me deal with severe pain from a traumatic injury and helped me finally wean myself off of my pain medication. Thanks Eti!


I have been a patient of Eti Chall for over ten years and she is absolutely fantastic. She is professional and has extensive knowledge of Chinese Medicine, herbs and general well being. Her treatments are effective and bring relief. She is committed to the health of her community and is readily available to her clients.


I went to see Eti because I wanted to lower my blood pressure and to stop taking medications. Not only my blood pressure is now great and I don't need pills to control it but I have never felt so great. Also, over the last two years Eti helped me to overcome and manage my celiac disease and a number of minor ailments in a way no western medicine practitioner has. I am blessed and grateful to have met Eti. She is one of the most caring people I know and a very talented healer. Thank you!!!


On many occasions she has been far more effective than western doctors for correcting problems ranging from digestive problems to skin problems to emotinal trauma. I was bitten by a spider once and after 11 days, the infection had been stopped but the hospital treatment had done nothing to heal the large necrotic wound that i had. She cleaned and treated me with powders, tinctures, Moxa, herbs, and needles, and 8 hours later i changed the dressings and it was about 50% healed. After 24 hours it was healed about 80%+! She saved me from a nasty scar. The advice and explanations and she gives have been spot on and really help me to understand myself and the system of chinese medicine. Long story short, she is my go-to for everything. She was not my first acupuncturist, but she made me believe in it. I rave about her. She is a master of her craft.

Reuben L.

Eti Domb has been a life saver for my health and well being. She has taught me a way of approaching and understanding my health with a more sustainable outlook. I constantly recommend her to anyone at the end of the rope wanting real action and results. I am grateful for her skills and wisdom.

K. G. - Psychotherapist

I have known Eti for over 10 years. Through this time I have relied on her expertise with Acupuncture and Herbs for many reasons; sciatica, debilitating pain, colds and flu's, kidney health, and overall balancing of chi and strengthening immune function. I trust her knowledge and appreciate her loving manner when helping me through difficult and painful times. I am very grateful to have her as a part of my "wellness team"!


Eti is treating me following a stroke which affected my speech, cognition and motor control. I was surprised and encouraged by the significant improvement in my speech and concentration with her acupuncture treatments and herbal formulas. Adapting to the physical changes following my stroke is a dynamic process which Eti carefully balances. I am grateful to be under her experienced care.


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