Digestive Care

Do you suffer from Irritable bowel disease, Diverticulitis, Colitis or Crohn's disease? I can help.

I offer a holistic and natural approach, effectively treating digestive issues. Botanical (herbal) medicine can treat painful, debilitating conditions, from acute diverticulitis, IBS or Crohn's flares to chronic issues. Working with me is easy with telemedicine visits. I look forward to helping you and embarking on your healing journey together.



Manage inflammation and alleviate symptoms like abdominal pain and irregular bowel movements.

Diarrhea –

Restore balance in the digestive system to address underlying causes such as heat or dampness.

Constipation –

Regulate bowel movements by treating the digestive organs and promoting smooth Qi flow. Harmonize the digestive system and address microbiome imbalances contributing to excess gas and bloating.

Peptic Ulcers –

Reduce stomach acidity, promote healing, and address underlying factors causing ulcer formation.

Diverticulitis –

Herbs and Acupuncture relieve pain and balance the body's microbiome. Address inflammation and promote proper bowel function to manage diverticula-related issues

Crohn's Disease –

Supportive management of Crohn's by addressing inflammation, promoting digestive harmony, and strengthening the immune system.

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