Treat Insomnia and get restful sleep- for the whole family!

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Insomnia, defined as difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep despite being tired, is a phenomenon almost everybody experiences at some point in their life. Resolving it may be easier than you think, short lived or chronic.  

According to Chinese Medicine, the main cause of insomnia is rooted in the stomach organ system.  Problems in the digestive system are the main culprit in sleep pathology.   Most people try and treat insomnia with relaxing herbs, meditation and sleep hygiene practices.  These are important and have their place, certainly, but the focus of treatment has to be the stomach organ system.   If the qi of the stomach is not descending properly, food will not digest and vexation and insomnia will ensue. The person will flop around like a fish, tossing and turning and the eyes cannot close.  

Better sleep for Kids!

Parents, there is help for you.  Vexation and restless sleep happens often to children, especially during growth spurts.  They sometimes experience growing pain, and at night they become awake, talkative, restless, wake frequently and toss and turn in their sleep.  Some children talk in their sleep and appear to be awake and agitated but are actually still asleep.  

The vexation and restless sleep is resolved easily by chinese herbs and treatment.  There are various formulas and needle combinations to resolve insomnia effectively.  I diagnose each case seperately to determine the most effective strategy.  Children are treated with herbs and a japanese set of point stimulation tools called Shoni shin.



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