Sleep Disorders and Chinese Medicine

We all need sleep and suffer greatly when we dont get enough of it. Chinese Medicine has wonderful diagnostic methods and treatments to tackle even the toughest cases of insomnia and other sleep disorders with good success.

The main causes of Insomnia according to Chinese Medicine:

  1. Emotions- excessive anger, frustration, irritation and resentment all lead to a flaring up of the liver yang. This will lead to disquietude and insomnia.
  2. Overwork- working long hours, computer work, excessive screen time late at night and stress will lead to difficulty attaining sleep.
  3. overexertion and worry.
  4. Diet irregularities- overeating, eating too much greasy and spicy food will cause in problems sleeping. A majority of insomnia cases I see are related to stomach problems.

Other sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, are often caused by too much phlegm buildup in the body. The Chinese physician determines the best treatment strategy for them, including acupuncture protocols, herbal treatment and dietary changes.  Exercise regimens are also evaluated to make sure the patient is not over exerting.

If you know anyone that suffers from sleep issues, please refer them - I would be happy to help.

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