Relief from Cold and Flu with Chinese Botanical Medicine

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Chinese Herbs: A Time-Tested Approach to Addressing Viral Symptoms

Empowering Health Through Ancient Wisdom:

In the realm of viral infections, the Chinese herbs we utilize to combat Covid-19 symptoms are the very same herbs that have stood the test of time for treating a range of conditions. From colds, flu, and upper respiratory infections to allergies and skin concerns, these herbs offer a holistic solution. With a rich history spanning thousands of years, their efficacy remains steadfast, even against novel viruses.

Anti-Inflammatory and Antiviral Herbs:

These herbs contain anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, supporting lung function, reducing phlegm, and bolstering the immune system. Importantly, they pose minimal risk and can seamlessly complement Western medications.

Early Intervention:

The key to effective treatment lies in early intervention. When addressing any virus or cold, starting treatment at the earliest signs helps reduce viral symptoms within a week, preventing escalation into more severe cases.

Your first step? Reach out as soon as symptoms arise, or keep a few formulas on hand.

Treatment Beyond Diagnosis: A Holistic Approach:

The beauty of Chinese herbal treatment is its ability to work without a formal diagnosis. Even before the era of lab tests, Chinese herbalists successfully diagnosed and treated diseases. In my office or telemedicine consultation, your symptoms, tongue, temperature, and medical history serve as the foundation for determining the herbs I prescribe .

Proactive Prevention with Immune Support:

Prevention knows no season. All year round, I prescribe immune-supporting herbs for those susceptible to colds and upper respiratory infections. Positive data from various Chinese hospitals underscores the efficacy of immune support and antiviral herbs for prevention. These formulas are readily available to both adults and children.

Swift Relief: Rapid Action of Botanical Remedies:

Time is of the essence, and herbs act swiftly. Patients often experience relief within hours to 2 days of embarking on their herbal journey.  Symptoms such as sore throat, ear pain, headaches, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and congestion improve by the second or third day of herbal use.

Chinese Medicine can play a pivotal role in mitigating infection severity for many patients. If you're grappling with symptoms, discomfort, or know someone who is, don't hesitate to connect. Additionally, support for anxiety, insomnia, seasonal allergies, and more is within reach.

Empowering Wellness: Reach Out Today:

I'm here for support and healing. In a world with so much daily stress, we must focus on prevention. Chinese Medicine can help with strengthening immunity and resilience. Should you or a loved one need assistance, reach out. I'd love to help!

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