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The monthly cycle can be easy and symptom free, but for many it is a painful and difficult time. Women often are debilitated from a young age with crippling migraines, body aches, back pain and severe cramps. I have treated many teenagers that suffer from a wide range of pain related issues and heavy bleeding. Women of all ages experience this in various degrees, and Chinese Medicine can help.

 There are multiple causes for pain and heavy bleeding during the cycle. Long standing digestive issues can interfere with the body'™s ability to hold in the blood and nourish the muscle layer will cause cramping and heavy bleeding. Blood Stasis will cause clots, skin problems and pain. Lack of exercise or overexercise. Improper nutrition, especially excessive consumption of cold and raw food impairs the digestive capacity. Our digestive system is, according to Chinese Medicine, responsible for keeping the blood in vessels. When it gets weak, the blood isnt held properly and can cause heavier bleeding.

A woman should bleed every 28 days give or take 1-2 days. Bleeding period is usually 4-5 days on average, and considered normal when a woman changes pad/tampon/sponge every 2-4 hours. More or less is considered heavy or scanty menstruation.

Recommendations for Menstrual Cycle: 

1. Rest for first 3 days. Avoid strenuous exercise, complete rest is best, short walks are ok. NO running, swimming, cycling or intense workouts. No weightlifting. These activities strain kidneys.

2. Stay warm and avoid walking barefoot. The cold can enter uterus through the soles of the feet and cause worsening of pain.

3. Hydration. Drink plenty of liquids, NO COLD DRINKS. Electrolytes, like Ultima replenisher or coconut water, is best.

4. Eat warm, nourishing food. Avoid cold, raw food in excess, and avoid ice cream, frozen yogurt and other frozen foods and beverages and cold food from fridge. Heat up your food and enjoy soups, stews, hot cereal and grains. Steamed veggies and stir fries are great. Add the anti-inflammatory roots ginger and turmeric to your foods to boost the pain relieving qualities and increase appetite.

warmly, Eti

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