Promote Restful Sleep and Overcome Insomnia – A Solution for the Whole Family!

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Improve Your Sleep Quality – as a Family!

Insomnia, characterized by the challenge of either falling or staying asleep despite weariness, is a predicament that touches almost every individual at some point in their lives. Yet, finding a remedy might be more within your grasp than you anticipate, whether the disruption is fleeting or enduring.

In Chinese Medicine, insomnia's primary origins can be traced back to the stomach organ system. Children’s stomach and digestive organs do not reach full developmental maturity until 7 in girls and 8 in boys.  A child’s immature digestive system often acts as the chief cause of sleep disturbances. When the qi (vital energy) of the stomach fails to descend properly, the process of food digestion is compromised, leading to a state of restlessness and insomnia. The individual might fidget in bed, tossing and turning, with their eyes “unable to close”.  

Better Sleep for the Young Ones!

Parents, solutions are available. Children, especially during growth spurts, often suffer with vexation and uneasy sleep. The discomfort of growing pains can disrupt their sleep patterns, giving rise to talkative awakenings, frequent restlessness, and tossing and turning. Some children talk in their sleep, appearing awake and agitated while remaining in a sleep state.

The wonderful news is that vexation and restless sleep can be effectively addressed through easy to administer Chinese herbs and gentle non invasive treatments(point stimulation without needles). Each case is individually diagnosed to determine the most suitable strategy. For children, a combination of herbs and a specialized Japanese set of point stimulation tools, known as Shoni shin, pave the way to resolution.

Routines are an essential part of maintaining balance. Establishing routines is an important Chinese Medicine principle to achieve proper circadian rhythms and better sleep.

Helpful tips for peaceful sleep:

  1.  Make sure your child has regular and healthy bowel function.  The bowels should move easily and smoothly once or twice a day, ideally in the morning.  
  2. Avoid overeating at dinner and a large snack before bed.  Its hard to sleep on a full stomach.  
  3. A bath and warm chamomile tea with honey or warm milk with cinnamon and honey is a great sleep aid.  
  4. Provide opportunities for exercise and movement throughout the day, and ease them into a calming evening routine.  Have regular times of sleeping and waking.  
  5. Magnesium is very helpful for sleep, bone, nerve and muscle development.  CALM is a great supplement and makes a nice fizzy drink kids and adults can drink with dinner or before bed.  It is also available as gummies. 
  6. Melatonin is safe and effective, and 1-3 mg dissolveable tablets is helpful for sleep.  

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