Navigating Diverticulitis with Holistic Care: Chinese Medicine's Approach

Empowering Relief for Diverticulitis: A Holistic Approach

Bottom line....Chinese Medicine is wonderful for Diverticulitis. The way we understand the cause, is what makes Acupuncture and herbs so good at effectively treating it.

The condition often begins with seemingly benign discomfort in the left lower abdomen. But as time progresses, this discomfort can transform into persistent and severe pain, accompanied by loose stools. Diverticulitis usually follows a bout of constipation, creating pressure that leads to the eruption of small pockets (diverticula) in the intestinal walls.

Understanding the Condition:

Initially asymptomatic, these small pockets can become inflamed, swollen, and painful. Acupuncture and moxibustion offer effective pain relief, while herbal medicine soothes and relaxes the affected area, alleviating pressure and promoting comfort.

I find it best to treat the diverticula before they become infected and painful. It is best to prevent flares and use Chinese Medicine as a routine maintenance procedure to control the condition.

Diverticula are formed when there is too much pressure in the intestines, causing pockets to form. This happens due to several potential causes. Stress, tension and Inflammatory Bowel Disease can be involved. Chronic diarrhea, constipation or alternating of both can be an early indicator.

The analogy I like to use for how they are formed is that of a balloon animal. The intestines are basically one long tube, and when pressure is applied, the baloon can twist and form pockets. These bulges can accumulate food and become infected. We consider diverticulitis an abscess when treating it in Chinese Medicine, and use formulas accordingly.

1. Internal cold ( loose stools, like heating pads and touch on abdomen, cold sensation, bearing down sensation)

2. Internal heat (dislike touch and heat, constipation, skin can be red or area is hot to touch and painful when pressure is applied)

Maintaining Bowel Health:

Preventing sluggishness in the bowels is crucial to maintaining a pain-free state. Chinese Medicine views diverticulitis as a form hot or cold abscess in the intestines. To manage it, I advise avoiding cold, raw foods and herbs with cold properties that may further cool the small intestine. Instead, opt for a diet rich in warming soups, broths, and well-cooked foods.

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