Herbal Medicine During Pandemics: First line of defense

The Chinese Herbs we use to treat the symptoms of Covid-19 are the same herbs we herbalists use all year long to treat colds, flu, Upper Respiratory infections, allergies, and skin conditions. These herbs have been used for thousands of years to treat the above symptoms and they still work, even for novel viruses. They are anti-inflammatory herbs with anti-viral components. They support Lung function, reduce phlegm and boost the immune system. They have little to no risk involved and can be taken along with Western medication.

I share this with you for several reasons.

  1. To stress the importance of EARLY intervention: When treating any cold or virus, treating it as soon as possible gives us the best chance to eliminate the viral symptoms within a week, thereby preventing a deeper and more serious case. Please reach out at the first sign of infection. Herbs can be picked up at clinic (I will leave for you at a designated location in yard), delivered to you (in San Diego only) by an uber driver (trusted friend of mine) or mailed to your home next-day mail.
  2. We can start treatment without a diagnosis: You don't need to be tested for Covid-19 to be treated with Chinese herbs. Before blood tests existed, Chinese herbalists used other factors to accurately diagnose and treat disease. In your Tele-Medicine consultation, I will use your symptoms, tongue, temperature, and medical history to determine which herbs will treat your unique manifestation of infection.
  3. Yes! You can take herbs for prevention: All year-round I am prescribing herbs for immune-support for patients who are vulnerable to colds and URI's. Data out of several Chinese hospitals showed positive statistics for prevention for patients taking immune support and anti-viral herbs. I have these formulas ready to dispense, and they are safe for children too.
  4. Herbs work quickly!: Patients feel relief within hours to 2 days of starting herbs. I am hearing from patients that symptoms such as sore throat, ear pain, headaches, chest tightness, shortness of breath and congestion are all alleviated to a great degree by day 2 or 3 of herbs.

There is so much stress and pain in the world right now, and I would like to be a source of support and healing for you. While much has been taken away, we do have tools for health and prevention. Chinese medicine can help reduce the severity of infection for many patients. If you are struggling, symptomatic, or know someone who is, please reach out. If you need support with anxiety, insomnia, seasonal allergies, we can address this too.

Several ways to be in touch for Tele-Medicine Consultations:

Its easy to schedule your Tele-Medicine appointment on my website at

If you require a different time, I am flexible, and can work with you easily.  Please call me at 619-772-5001 or email to set up your phone/video consultation. (It is unclear at this time if insurance will reimburse these video-consults.)

The cost for an initial 30-minute consult for NEW PATIENTS is $85 + cost of herbs & shipping. Established patients 15 min Tele-Medicine visit is $65.  If you need a refill or preventive herbs I can leave outside for you.  Text, email or call to determine what you need.  

Herbal prescriptions range from $30-$70 + tax per bottle. I am available to you on a daily basis for follow-up.

I miss you all and look forward to seeing you again in the clinic soon.

In Health,

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