Healthy Bladder with Chinese Medicine

A healthy bladder is something we take for granted until our bladder function is disrupted. Chinese medicine can help with most common bladder conditions:

Cystitis - Infection of the bladder. Commonly caused by bacterial accumulation in the urine. Treated easily and very effectively with herbal medicine and acumoxa. Many women tend to get recurring cystitis on a monthly basis during the pre-menstrual period. Recurring use of antibiotics and sulpha drugs can cause yeast overgrowth and digestive imbalances. Keeping a bottle herbal medicine on hand is a great way to overcome acute occasional or chronic Cystitis when symptoms ensue, and its important to consult with an herbalist that can make an accurate diagnosis. Cystitis can manifest as two primary patterns, cold or heat in the bladder. Its important to distinguish and treat accordingly to avoid mistreatment and further damage. Antibiotics and sulpha drugs are cold and damp in nature and will damage the metabolism when used over time.

Interstitial Cystitis (IC): IC is a condition of pain in the bladder that is not attributed to any other cause, and is sometimes described also as PBS (Painful Bladder Syndrome) or Irritable Bladder. Chinese Medicine truly shines in the treatment of conditions like IC, with a complex system of diagnosis that differentiates and treats these conditions effectively and swiftly. Most patients arrive to my clinic after weeks, months or years of suffering with no good results from long term antibiotics, pain killers and antidepressants. Usually there are concurrent issues like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). The condition responds well to Chinese Medicine. If you or someone you know can use help, I love rereffals and will be happy to assist them.

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