Fight off colds and allergies with these Immune system boosters!

With the weather changing rapidly many of my patients have been getting sick, experiencing higher than usual allergy symptoms and generally feeling off or under the weather. 

Children and adults are being treated for asthmatic bronchitis, allergies, colds and stiff neck/backs.   These are all signs of external invasion of wind and cold due to the changes in atmospheric pressure, high winds, dryness and quick temperature fluctuations. 

 What to do to boost our immune systems and keep them strong and healthy?  what to do during holiday travel? 

 I have several formulas that are essential for this time of year: 

 -Minor bupleurum:   Effective for sore throats, nausea, chills/feverishness, headaches

 -cinnamon twig decoction/peuraria decoction- Fantastic for chills, stiff neck/shoulders and runny nose, sneezing. 

 -Immortal Qi- great adaptogenic formula for maintaining the immune system, strengthening a weak constitution for people who tend to catch colds and flus often.   Great for travelling to altitudes also. 

 -eldeberry echinacea syrup- wonderful immune system booster for kids and adults. 

 -clear passage- great allergy/hayfever formula.  Helps reduce/eliminate need for allergy medications in many of my patients! 

 I can help you choose which formulas you need to keep on hand.  I am also able to ship them to you. 

 Sincerely, Eti

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