Fertility, pregnancy and postpartum care with Chinese Medicine

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Are you trying to concieve, are pregnant or recovering from childbirth?

I can help support you with Herbal remedies and Acupuncture.  All phases of a woman's childbearing years benefit greatly from Chinese Medicine.  

First, Prepare and optimize your body.  Very important for mama and baby.  For ideal conditions for pregnancy, I recommend working together for 6-12 months with herbs and Acupuncture before conception to prepare the body and get ready.  

During pregnancy, we treat according to the trimester and give the appropriate herbal remedies for the phase of development. Each trimester has formulas that are used.  This ensures healthy gestation and childbirth.  

Postpartum women must take herbs and special foods to replenish their strength and recover.   Special guidelines for rest and diet are given to the mother.  I focus on making sure her immune system is strong, she is making plenty of milk, her digestion is moving normally and she healing well from childbirth. Special herbs are used if there is need for a surgical birth.  This is a crucial time to supplement with herbs and tonic foods.  

Postpartum depression is common and treatable.  Herbs are very helpful to boost mood, and a key component is building the blood.  Build the blood before, during and after pregnancy and the mood is usually much better.   The blood (according to Chinese medicine) carries the spirit and seats within it our capacity for happiness and fulfillment.  Childbirth and the subsequent fatigue, caring for an infant, and breastfeeding depeletes the postpartum woman further.  Breastmilk is considered a form of blood, which is why nursing women usually dont bleed for almost a year postpartum.

Lastly, I can help with any issues surrounding lactation- clogged ducts, mastitis, painful/cracked nipples, sensation of thirst and discomfort while nursing.  If you know anyone who suffers through breastfeeding, or has issues with supply- I can help.  



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