Diagnosis and Musings on Health

Diagnosis is an art. Gathering information, evaluating and assesing a patient is a culmination of expertise, knowledge and systematic understanding of the human body. Patients often are referred to me after seeing specialists and doing research online trying to make sense of a seemingly random set of symptoms. I help them make sense of all the information before them, sorting the noise from the signals.

In his book "Before Happiness," author and researcher Shawn Achor explains the necessity of sifting the data, or information that we are bombarded with routinely. Everything we take in effects us. When we experience abdominal pain and diarrhea, doing research online can send us into panic as we sift through medical sites and research. The many scenarios of potentially horrific medical catastrophies are enough to make anyone sick with worry. Emotional damage can further weaken health. A good diagnostician and clinician evaluates and is able to administer treatment to reset the body's internal rhythms, providing the body with the proper stimulus to correct its biome and regain health.

If you or someone you know is struggling with health issues, I am happy to help them regain balance. In health, Eti

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