Why Chinese Medicine?

Chinese Medicine offers a roadmap to treat and navigate health issues over time. Specialized diagnostic techniques, such as pulse reading, can make sense of many diseases and disorders that can be difficult to diagnose, with complex symptoms.

Acupuncture and Botanical Medicine help strengthen the immune system and lead to balanced sleep and digestive functions.  Chinese medicine is effective in resolving long standing issues.  This time tested and effective medical modality restores correct physiological function to the organ systems, allowing the body to regain its health and balance.

Can Chinese Medicine help me?

Acupuncture and Botanical Medicine are excellent to treat many conditions. Please visit the resources page to learn more on what Chinese Medicine can do.

  • Strengthen the immune system to boost natural defenses
  • Reduce fatigue and relieve chronic pain
  • Improve digestion, circulation and cardiovascular health
  • Increase energy levels and boost overall mood
  • Help treat complex diseases with multiple unknown causes, including chronic and degenerative conditions and metabolic/autoimmune disorders

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