Pediatrics: Kids LOVE Chinese Medicine

Does your child have health issues?  Would you prefer to use natural methods?  

Chinese medicine offers non invasive care in a gentle, caring environment.

Children's care with Chinese Medicine starts at birth and is a great tool to use in your child's healthcare.  As parents, we get conflicting information on how to care for our children.  Finding a good, trusted health care professional is essential.  

How does Chinese Medicine treat kids?

Treatment methods include gentle stimulation of points, massage, botanical medicine and acupressure.  Moxa is used to strengthen the immune system which prevents colds and flus. This strengthens the body's natural defenses and vitality.  Cupping is used to stop congestion and cough.

The overall experience is gentle and relaxing, the treatments feel like a fun massage for the kids and they leave relaxed and happy.

What types of conditions can be treated?

Immune system:

Allergies, autoimmune issues

Respiratory issues:

Colds, flu, cough, ear infections

Digestive issues:

Diarrhea and constipation.  colic, incessant crying, pain, gas, GERD, reflux

Bedwetting and urinary issues

Urinary tract infections, kidney stones

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