Allergies - Home remedies

The dry, hot Santa Ana winds are causing allergy symptoms. Even those of you who may not suffer from regular allergies can't avoid the occasional sneezing attack and dry skin/mucus membranes/nasal passages.

Some common symptoms that arise:

- headaches

- sinus congestion / dryness / pain -sneezing

- itchy red eyes

- runny nose

- dry skin/hair/scalp

- itchy, rashy skin

One of my favorite home remedies for the Santa Ana wind time is coconut oil. The cooling and soothing properties of coconut oil are wonderful. A few ways in which I use it this time of year:

Nose oil -
Fill a dropper bottle with coconut oil and get it to liquify by immersing the bottle in warm water. Warming the bottle under your armpit also works in a pinch. Tilt your head back and put a dropper of coconut oil in each nostril. You can also add a drop of lavender oil in the bottle. Works like a charm. Better than a Neti Pot for dry, inflammed sinus membranes... Salt water dries wet sinuses while the oil soothes dry cracked chapped sinus membranes.

Whole body and scalp soothing -
Many of my patients experience itchy, red, irritated skin and scalp this time of year. Applying coconut oil to the hair and leaving it on overnight will soothe and heal the skin. Wash it off in the morning, and your head will feel amazing. Rub it on body before a shower or bath and let the hot water open your pores for the oil to absorb. feels great.

Home Herbal Kit -
There are several herbal formulas to keep on hand for allergies when they strike. I can help you determine what formulas to keep around in case of an allergy attack. These are helpful, have a long shelf life and work great.

There is no reason to suffer with allergies. If anyone you know suffers from allergies, please refer them to me. I am happy to help them.

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